Living Well Project, is a growth development organization focusing on whole life reinvention.  

We provide access to resources and the living support necessary for those trapped in the cycle of negative life choices - helping to restore and rebuild lives.

Taking active participation in your life nurtures key aspects of personal living. Nyla Christian's "Life Inspired" (TM) curriculum fosters self identity and character development, through early addiction intervention, and family recovery coaching.
In keeping with SAMHSA’s Wellness Initiative, LWP affirms the Dimensions of Wellness ideal. A well rounded and balanced life is supported holistically.

The Living Well Project platform expands to encompass youth character development, early addiction intervention, family recovery coaching, and painful dependency coaching including food, gambling, and substance use disorder.

LWP's Life Empowerment Workshops include:

Women, Youth & Re-Entry Communities

Recovery Peer Support & Sober Coaching
Youth & Re-Entry Life Skills Training

The Living Wellness Series addresses

The Living Wellness Series Basic Components:

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