SoberGirl Village:

Hey you….Yes, you! The one hiding the music in your hips and the harmony in your voice. The one that wants to sing outside of the shower - at the intersection, in the conference room, and in the supermarket.
That Inner Super Chick!
The girl holding it all down with that twist in your mouth, the frog in your throat, and the tear in your eye.

You, there - with the deep in her soul, the reach in her spirit, and the soar in her wings.
Time to tell your story, time to feel your dream.
Take this space to dance to your own theme song and rock your world. Tell me about your way through the universe.

You are YOUR Story - I want to hear it. Share it at, and help another wanderer find her way!

The Sober Girl's Blog:

An avid Community Recovery Advocate, and the Author, Columnist of the “A Sober Girl’s Guide”, Nyla takes a witty look at life in recovery and recreation.

April 11, 2018


I smile a lot! People often ask me why I find joy in this life that I live…I always tear up. Over the last 1o years […]
September 14, 2016

The Rewrite

Ever wondered who would play you in the big blockbuster, smash screen hit version of your life? Well, look no further… It’s you!. Your Story of […]
September 14, 2016

Moments of Inspiration for Women in Transformation

I am the girl that almost never was… I am “That Girl”. Well, technically, I’m That Sober Girl. I tossed around the notion of getting sober, […]